Just got a reminder from Apple to enter the Dashboard widget authoring contest before January 5. I don't have time to play with Dashboard right now, but I followed a link to the page describing the winner of the last contest.

Holy. Crap. A wiki is just a keystroke away on any MacOSX 10.4 desktop. How's THAT for hitting the mainstream?

Dashboard Wiki Widget

A wiki, built on the stuff in CoreData, rendered beautifully. Assembled completely from bits available to any application that runs on Tiger (CoreData for SQL database model, javascript for controller, html/css for view).

Oh, man. I can't wait for Tiger to be released. Must... Resist... Urge... To install... Latest... Alpha...

UPDATE: Looks like Apple has yanked the page I was linking to, probably to get ready for the results of the latest Dashboard Widget contest, which closed today.