Week In Review Podcast

Time for another brain dump. This time, I talk about the Pachyderm development process. listen in.

  • Format of this podcast - not just barfing out links today - maybe next episode
  • Pachyderm development
    • Josh was in town for the week
    • VNC + Projector + couple of extra keyboards on USB
    • Spent much time on:
      • generation process
      • apollo integration
      • interface implementation - d2w
    • XCode really needs a "collaboration" mode - someone sets their XCode to be a "server" and other developers connect to it, and edit code (something like SubEthaEdit), and share a single project file. This would be much more efficient than just Subversion or CVS to sync changes
    • BBEdit 8 is really nice - and don't forget to install the command line tools and set bbedit as the EDITOR so you can use it for Subversion or CVS commits instead of vi/emacs
  • EduPodcast Aggregator - could do the same thing in Bloglines, but this is more edutech-oriented

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Last updated: September 16, 2023