WikiSpammers are killing the wiki

First, they try to kill weblogs via comment spam, now they’re trying to take over wikis to sell viagra and casinos and cheap electronics.

Someone please hit these spammers with a clue stick – WE DON’T WANT TO HAVE YOUR ADS ON OUR WEBSITES, AND WE WILL SPEND TIME AND ENERGY REMOVING IT! They are doing the equivalent of taking a crap on our front porch. We could ignore it, but that would be just plain nasty, and really wouldn’t benefit anyone (except for the spammer, who has an insatiable urge to defile any and all public spaces).

I just spent half an hour, on a day off (time that I would have rather spent playing with my son on an otherwise fantastic day), removing the crap from the wiki on our main server. Thank you so very much, you insidious spamroach(es). Consider this some pretty high octane negative Whuffie being sent your way. Your karma is going waaaay down. At this rate, you’ll be lucky if you don’t reincarnate at the level of an ass boil, or perhaps an ingrown hair on said ass boil.

I’ve started locking any pages on the wiki that aren’t being actively used, to stem the flow of crap onto our front porch. I’m really hoping to bump into these wasters-of-oxygen in a poorly lit alley… With a big ol’ clue stick at the ready… Perhaps they’d be joined by the geniuses at Google, who’s PageRank algorithm is responsible for this GoogleBomb nonsense…

Spam roaches of all denominations: consider this a declaration of war. I will do anything and everything I can to banish you from public sight, where you seem intent on ruining everything you are allowed to come into contact with. You are a blight on everything that is good about the internets, and you must be put in your place before you render open communication and collaboration tools useless for everyone.

5 thoughts on “WikiSpammers are killing the wiki”

  1. How about registration (with or whithout CAPTCHA) to keep the spambots at bay? Sure, you’ll get the manual WikiSpammers. But with good social control they’ll give up in no time.

  2. Well, yeah… I could password protect the wiki. It offers both “admin” and “edit” passwords. I’ve resisted setting an “edit” password, because that is a rather unwikilike thing to do. One of the reasons for having a wiki is that anyone can edit it. The problem is that some people don’t respect the intrinsic value of this, and instead take advantage of an open GoogleBomb utility. There has to be some middle ground…

  3. several extensions exist that limit wikispammers to do their thing:
    – you have image code protection extension
    – approval extension
    – SPAM extension

    and a lot more. see

  4. John, thanks for the tips. I’ve made logins mandatory for edits, and installed a captcha on account creation. That’s stopped the spam in its tracks, with a reasonably manageable amount of friction.

  5. that is a smart thing, I did the same. A very good way to kill spam is to make logins required. This is a huge bottleneck for webmasters searching for page rank links.

    another check I am planning to create is a recent edits extension, enabling me to check new posts fast and effective.

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