Fun with Airplanes

Landing in San Francisco this morning, we had an interesting experience. We were escorted in by another plane (no, it was not an F-16). I’ve never seen, nor been a part of, a tandem landing. A bit of an odd experience, to say the least… I’ll update with a photo (I snapped a couple of shots). The two planes landed on parallel runways with about 2 seconds between them…

I’m in the Pachyderm project update meeting now, at the Grand Hyatt. Great group of folks!


tandem landing at SFO

WordPress Wiki – Auto shutoff comments

Found this gem on the WordPress Wiki: Auto shutoff comments. It includes code that you can use to create a plugin to automatically close comments after a set number of days – handy for keeping those evil spam roaches at bay.

I just copied the second block of text (the one by Scott Hanson) into a file called “Autoclose.php” and uploaded it into my WordPress plugins directory. Went to my admin console and activated the plugin, and it seems to work just fine! At least this will keep the roaches confined to a small subset of posts on this weblog, instead of letting them roam unfettered over the 476 posts accumulated over the years…

Rob Reynolds on The LMS Wars

Rob Reynolds has just posted an interesting piece on the coming LMS Wars. He likens it to be on par with the telecom industry’s battle with legacy/enterprise protocols (ATM) vs. upcoming anarchy-driven protocols like IP. (IP is now in the lead, by the way)

The existing LMS industry is analogous to the IT industry, and democratizing tools such as weblogs, wikis, rss, podcasting, etc… are the underdogs.

I think the LMS vendors are smart enough to try to incorporate the best of these tools if they want to survive. Because if they don’t, the subversive tools will overtake them very quickly.

Podcast 2004-11-25

I babble a bit about Pachyderm, and then talk about a few of the interesting items to come over the wires. Grab a copy here podcast

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