Pachyderm Extreme Programming Redux

Josh, King and I are continuing work on the Pachyderm Authoring Application. We just got a distance collaboration setup going that works really well. We use VNC to share a computer (my TiBook), iChatAV for an open audio channel, and Breeze Live for a shared whiteboard. This is working almost as well as when Josh flew up to Calgary for a week. I think we'll be able to get much more done this way. And it's more fun, too...

Pachyderm Distance Collaboration Setup

Pictured here are my trusty TiBook (with shared VNC session for XCode and WOBuilder), the monitor connected to my Power Mac (with iChatAV and Breeze Live Whiteboard), an iMac used for supporting surfingresearch, the iSight camera used for my audio/video feed, my 15-year-old Sony speakers for blasting Josh's voice down the halls, and my iPod (just sitting there, begging to play some background music). Also, lots of really cute photos of Evan...

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Last updated: September 24, 2023