Flickr as a Learning Object Authoring Tool

Albert Ip just posted a description of a potential use of Learning Object Authoring... Looks pretty cool, and perhaps one of the simplest way of doing this (until APOLLO and Pachyderm go live... ;-) )

Update: I had incorrectly typed Albert's last name as "Yip" - Sorry, Albert! All I can think of is some kind of latent Vern Yip flashback from too many episodes of Trading Spaces or something... (Janice was a Trading Spaces junkie, so I was exposed to entirely too much of that - there is an upside to downsizing to just basic cable ;-) )

Update 2: OOPS! I likely saw this first over at Brian's place, considering Albert's post is just a link to Brian's post (which is itself a link to the original post by randomwalks, which is itself a link to Bertrand's Flickr Learning Object. All of this stuff just kinda merges together, so it's hard to remember where stuff came from. I'm adding the trail here so I can access each link later...

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