OmniWeb as a Presentation Tool

I just got out of a meeting where we were preparing for another meeting (ick) which will involve discussing various web sites (design, structure, content...). Initially, Gord was using a Thinkpad with IE (ick again), which was barfing on pages, and being a general PITA to present from.

So, I grabbed my VGA adapter, plugged in the TiBook, and created a new workspace in OmniWeb 5. I added all of the URLs we were talking about as tabs (complete with handy thumbnail previews), and then we just cycled through the tabs. It was the slickest website review session I've seen. Just create a new OmniWeb Workspace for the client, set it to save automatically, and BOOM, you've got a handy dandy "live website presentation tool". Very cool.

I could have done this with Safari, or Firefox, or some such, but the visual polish provided by the tab thumbnails was a huge benefit. Thanks, OmniGroup!

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Last updated: September 16, 2023