Pachyderm Foundation Development

I've left (early) from the Pachyderm development session. King and Josh kept going, and we're going to be unbelievably close to a working Pachyderm Presentation Authoring application. The work is shifting to the user interface, so changes will become visible.

We took some photos today, to document the ad-hoc Extreme Programming setup we adopted, and some of the results.

First, we have the "before" picture. The original Pachyderm 1.0 database schema we inherited:

Pachyderm 1.0 Schema

Then, we have the ad-hoc Extreme Programming sessions:

Extreme Programming - 5 screens, 6 eyeballs

and, the final database schema for Pachyderm 2.0:

Pachyderm 2.0 database schema

The main foundation stuff that's left is the entering of screen and component data, integration with APOLLO resource management, and the generation of the xml files to be read by the Pachyderm flash templates. I'm guessing King and Josh will have tackled a good chunk of this already. Next, we'll be able to focus on the authoring UI almost exclusively.

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