Subversion and .eomodeld Files

OK. This doesn't kill the love-fest that is Subversion, but here's a Stupid Subversion Behaviour that would be cool if it wasn't needed... WebObjects database models are stored in bundles (eg., mydatabasemodel.eomodeld) which are actually directories rather than files. Subversion isn't greatly aware of what to do with these files/collections, so it doesn't currently do much versioning (i.e., I can't check in changes made to a model!)

From Making the Jump to Subversion:

Things to Watch Out For

Some applications that store documents as directory bundles may delete the .svn folder that Subversion uses from inside the bundle directory. EOModeler will delete the .svn directory when you save your document. This is annoying but not difficult to work around -- when you are ready to check in your changes, if Subversion displays the status code '~' (meaning: versioned item obstructed by some item of a different kind) perform the following steps (based on a model named MyModel):

% mv MyModel.eomodeld MyModel.mine 
% svn update MyModel.eomodeld
% mv MyModel.eomodeld/.svn MyModel.mine/
% rm -r MyModel.eomodeld
% mv MyModel.mine MyModel.eomodeld

A quick Google turned up some results, but no solutions:

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Last updated: February 27, 2024