Morning task: Install Subversion Server

My Big Task for the morning is installing a Subversion server for management of APOLLO and Pachyderm source code. I'll be installing it onto a shiny new XServe running MacOSX 10.3.5 (just installing the latest patches now...).

Here's a list of resources I'll be drawing on today:

I'll update with more resources as I come across them, and with status/success reports, and if/how it integrates with XCode 1.5.

UPDATE: The install on the server went VERY well, thanks to Wilfredo Sanchez' installers. The only thing that would have made it easier would have been a multi-package installer, for a single double-click installer for all packages. But that's just gravy... The only "snag" I hit was on permissions in the /usr/local/apache/ directories - they appear to be owned by root out of the box, so other users (www, my account, whatever) can't write to them (for config, or for log output...) Easy to switch the permissions (or, to run apache2 as root :-O )

I've just imported the whole APOLLO source tree into Subversion on the server, and am now checking it out again to test integration with XCode 1.5 (and with the Finder thanks to scplugin).

Hmm... svn appears to have choked on a .zip file on checkout... Might have to try checkout again... (later - that worked. weird)

UPDATE: It's done, and running perfectly! Had some issues with installing the "wrong" client binaries - the one from works best - and making sure XCode had the proper path to svn (if it's got the wrong path, it appears to barf rather violently).

Looks like Subversion will be really nice to work with - easy to navigate packages via a web browser, and copy/paste the path needed for a very specific checkout. Now to get some actual work done...

UPDATE: Added link to - after successful install on our server.

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