Extending Safari: Stand

John Hicks just posted a link to Stand - an InputManager that extends Safari in new and wonderful ways.

The coolest thing it does is give you a new way to quickly access bookmarks - hit F4 and a search widget pops up. Hit some keys, and your bookmarks are filtered on the fly. Very cool. You can even configure it to close the floating widget after opening a bookmark.

It somehow modifies the View Source window, so that source code for a page is properly syntax highlighted (and you can set any font you like as well).

It also does some other useful things, like optionally forcing all links targeted at "_blank" to open in a new tab rather than new windows. It also provides better searching/filtering of browser history (that's how I quickly found the URL for John's post - I last saw it this morning and just hit the history search to pull it up quickly).

Stand probably does a bajillion other things. The website looks like it is in Japanese, so I can't read the official description or changelog, but it works GREAT!


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Last updated: December 04, 2023