New iPod - No regrets with the Old iPod

So, the news of the new 4G iPods has been leaked rather publicly via MSNBC/Newsweek. Ars Technica is saying it's a huge improvement (they've updated their article on AT - the first release of it was so full of incorrect information I was very surprised to see it on Ars!)

My reaction to the new scroll wheel is something like "uh, I prefer the separate buttons, thank you very much." The combined scroll-wheel-button thingy was created for the iPod Mini, which doesn't have the real estate available for dedicated buttons. Makes sense there, not so much on the Full iPod.

The new menu structure looks cool (a bit more streamlined), and some of the other features (slow down/speed up tracks without distortion, multiple on-the-go playlists) could be useful. Here's hoping that it's just a firmware update away from my 3G iPod...

But, 60GB on the high end. Holy crap. That's three times the size of the drive in mine. Combine that with slightly better batter life, and a thinner design...

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