APOLLO Deployed on Solaris

I just finished an initial test deployment of APOLLO, including all frameworks and a sample searching application, on a Solaris server for use by the folks in BC. The install of our stuff was really quite simple – just copy some stuff into the right directories and add a new WebObjects application. Done. There were […]

Comments temporarily disabled due to spam

Some casino spambot pigsucker decided to spam the hell out of my weblog again tonight. Instead of entering into a battle of wits with the script kiddie moron, I’ve cleaned their crap from my home, and temporarily turned off accepting new comments. Casino spambot script kiddie, if you’re reading this: PFO! I’ll try to tighten […]

Extending Safari: Stand

John Hicks just posted a link to Stand – an InputManager that extends Safari in new and wonderful ways. The coolest thing it does is give you a new way to quickly access bookmarks – hit F4 and a search widget pops up. Hit some keys, and your bookmarks are filtered on the fly. Very […]

A True Tale of an XServe Install

Joel Rennich at AFP548 (a MacOSX Server oriented site) has published a detailed description of the process he went through when installing a new XServe at his colocation facility. He’s apparently got a much more complicated setup, since there are several steps that we didn’t have/want to do, and his time estimates for others are […]

New iPod Store in Market Mall!

I went to Market Mall tonight to kill some time with Evan – they have an excellent play area, and Jugo Juice nearby… We came in through the Toys R Us entrance to avoid construction, and as we were walking through the mall, I noticed a kiosk with a G4 iMac as a POS terminal. […]