XML via EOF (searching the archives)

Just did some more searching on the Omni WO-Dev list to see if anyone else has cracked the same nut. Turns out not so much. Looks like everyone who needs to connect to an XML database just goes ahead and uses the database's API(s) directly, forgoing EOF completely.

Here are some links of people who are/were interested in this problem:

I'm just downloading the 147 MB full archive of the mailing list so I can do some better searches (the web form keeps stripping out the "xml" term, which makes it kinda useless when searching for xml-related posts... )

At first blush, it feels like it's going to be harder than originally thought to graft the XML Database stuff into EOF all proper-like. EOF really likes to thing about things as simple rows, described as flat NSDictionaries. Works great for a RDBMS, which also thinks that way, but XML is deep. Feels like I'm overlooking something important in here somewhere...

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