Feel free to contribute to this weblog. It's running on Blosxom, and is using a plugin that allows editing of posts via a web browser. All you need to know is the password, and you can create posts.

Editing existing entries

To edit this post, just click the "edit" link below. An editing form will show up, letting you type some text.

Posts should be entered as HTML in order to be formatted properly. It's pretty straightforward. Just look at the source of this post in the edit page.

When you've entered your text, just enter the correct password in the password field, and hit SAVE. The entry will then be saved to the proper location on the server, and added to the weblog.

Creating a new post

Just enter the path for the new post in the address field of your browser. You can create new categories as well. For instance, I could create a new post in a "testing" category, by putting this URL into my browser:


The only thing to remember is that the filename you provide shouldn't have any spaces or invalid characters. Just use numbers and letters. Mix case at will. Underscores (_) are fine.

Then, I just enter my text, and hit save. The new category will be created, the post will be saved, and everything will be added to the weblog.

Getting listed in the "Edu_RSS Aggregator"

All you have to do is use the phrase "NMC 2004" somewhere in the blog entry, and it should be picked up automagically by the feed collector.

It might take some time for the entry to show up on the Edu_RSS aggregator, but it will get there eventually.

The Password

For now, the password is mildly secure. If you want to play around with this weblog, or contribute some content, email me and I'll hook you up.