Feed2JS Installed

I've just installed Alan Levine's handy Feed2JS tool, which takes any RSS feed and spits out a couple of lines of HTML/Javascript for embedding it on any web page. Very handy stuff.

It's available here if anyone on campus needs it. I'm using it to aggregate the active Learning Commons weblogs onto a single page here.

Thanks, Alan!

UPDATE: (2004/08/04) I have noticed that the Feed2js deployed on commons is being pretty heavily abused. It's being used by German dating sites, and many many other questionable (and certainly non-academic) uses. The number of requests on our server for the single feed2js.php file is an order of magnitude greater than the next-most-requested file. I'm temporarily disabling Feed2js for a while.

If you have a valid academic need, please let me know and I'll hook you up. The rest of you freeloaders can download a copy of feed2js for yourselves and soak up your own CPU and bandwidth...

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Last updated: September 24, 2023