ImageMagick Script to Generate Pachyderm Images

I've written a simple ImageMagick shell script to batch convert a bunch of images into the various sizes required by Pachyderm. Man, ImageMagick is pretty sweet. Installed in a few minutes using Fink, the I was off and running. I call this script to generate the images, which can then be fed to Generator to create the .swf files used by Pachyderm:


for img in `ls *.jpg`
	convert -sample 46x36  ../11/
	convert -sample 56x56  ../12/
	convert -sample 72x72  ../13/
	convert -sample 160x160  ../14/
	convert -sample 280x200  ../15/
	convert -sample 300x260  ../16/
	convert -sample 480x380  ../17/
	convert -sample 790x540  ../18/
	convert -sample 1280x1024  ../19/
	convert -sample 72x72  ../23/

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Last updated: December 04, 2023