The Pachyderm Has a Pulse!

Josh and I have been poking at the Pachyderm for the last few days, and have finally convinced it to do something other than stare blankly at us.

Josh wrote some PHP script mojo to suck the Filemaker database (used to manage assets) into the SQL Server DB (used to author presentations). Works like a charm, once you know where the hidden landmines are. Like, say a field name has the wrong case. Or, say, records in one (and only one) table aren't actually saved when the rest of the database is (so they have to be manually re-entered every time the database is opened. No hassle there...)

Long story short: is up and running (empty, but up and running).

I've added an image of Evan, and created a Pachyderm screen and presentation, just to show there isn't that much smoke and mirror juju going on. The presentation is available here. It's not terribly exciting, because I have no idea how to actually use Pachyderm, but it serves as HELLO, WORLD! which is just fine by me. Warning: the presentations currently use a rather evil "browser detection" script. I say that in quotes, because it doesn't really detect anything useful anymore, and really just gets in the way unless you're using Windows/IE.


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Last updated: September 16, 2023