Problems migrating MovableType from BerkeleyDB to MySQL

I've been wanting to migrate my MovableType installation from the default BerkeleyDB to MySQL, in order to better facilitate backup/restore and data editing, as well as allowing the MT plugin to automatically close comments on posts after X many days.

I've been trying this in fits and starts for a couple of weeks, and keep getting bitten by what appears to be corrupt data in the BerkeleyDB database. The import process (mt-db2sql.cgi) barfs on the Comments, Entry, and Theme tables. The import is rather useless without these three types of data...

Anyone out there have any magic juju to get at the data in BerkeleyDB? I just need to poke around in the database and look for corruption or invalid characters that might prevent importing into MySQL.

I see that BerkeleyDB is used by a whole lotta different software, but I haven't been able to find a generic client application ala CocoaMySQL (which rocks for connecting to MySQL).

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Last updated: September 24, 2023