ImageMagick Script to Generate Pachyderm Images 1.0

I’ve updated the ImageMagick shell script I use to generate the various image sizes used by Pachyderm. The new version is a bit cleaner, and optionally takes parameters on the command line OR runs in interactive mode to determine source and destination directories. It also provides a little more feedback now, so you know WTF […]

Searching PDF with ht://Dig

I’ve just enabled indexing and searching of .pdf documents on the Learning Commons website. We’re using ht:/Dig as our search engine, and it’s quite flexible. It can take external parsers to teach it to read non-text-only file formats. There are libraries available that can teach it to read .rtf, .pdf, .ps, .doc, .swf, .xls, and […]

ImageMagick Script to Generate Pachyderm Images

I’ve written a simple ImageMagick shell script to batch convert a bunch of images into the various sizes required by Pachyderm. Man, ImageMagick is pretty sweet. Installed in a few minutes using Fink, the I was off and running. I call this script to generate the images, which can then be fed to Generator to […]

Flash Slideshow Template (xml config)

Zeldman links to a page describing a Flash actionscript template that reads in XML and links .jpg files as described in the XML. A demo is available, as well as source code. Sounds like a modernized version of the Pachyderm templates. Going to have to take a closer look.