Radeox - Wiki Formatting Render Engine in Java

I've been poking around for a decent way to implement text formatting without requiring folks to know HTML. This is for use in our Workshops management app, as well as the Discussion/Review component of CAREO (and coming soon for APOLLO).

At the bare minimum, I'd like to at least translate linefeeds into br and p tags, but ideally I want to support Textile and/or Wiki formatting.

I came across Radeox, linked from the c2 wiki.

Looks like it supports Textile and Wiki formatting out of the box. Cool. Claims to be embeddable pretty easily, so I'm working up a simple WebObjects app to try it out.

UPDATE: woah. That was fast. And simple. Had it running in under 5 minutes (would have had this posted back then, but I forgot to click "Post", and Kung Log's been sitting patiently under a ton and a half of open windows...)
All I did was import the radeox.jar, and add one method to my component:

private String renderTextWithRadeox( String text ) {
	RenderContext context = new BaseRenderContext();
	RenderEngine engine = new BaseRenderEngine();
	return engine.render(text, context);

Also, looks like it supports only a subset of the full Wiki syntax, but way more than enough for what I need...

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