XStreamDB Progress

I’ve been playing around with interim builds of XStreamDB 3.1 Beta, and it’s coming along REALLY nicely. It’s pretty cool when the president of the company is the guy running the beta program. Jim’s been awesome, feeding tips and pointers to the new stuff. They … Continue readingXStreamDB Progress

Learning Commons Workshops RSS Feed

I just enabled an RSS feed for upcoming workshops conducted by the Learning Commons. Haven’t added the orange XML link to the workshops pages yet, but here’s the link. It updates every morning at 1:00am with the upcoming workshops.

ALOHA Application

I’ve just bundled up the ALOHA application (version 1.3) as a MacOSX bundle, so you don’t have to go through Java Web Start to fire it up. The other added bonus is that it looks more like a “native” application, using the real live menu … Continue readingALOHA Application