CVS Server on MacOSX 10.3 Server

After much pulling of (what’s left of my) hair, the CVS server on is running again. Turns out that Panther handles password differently than 10.1.5 did (yes, our server was that out of date…), so the pserver barfed on authentication attempts.

Connecting to the CVS server via SSH works like a charm.

It’s a trivial change to make on the client side. Change your to

Really should have been running under SSH all along – pserver is a gaping security hole, with the plaintext passwords passed through the pipe…

Handy links for this process:

Pachyderm Meeting

In San Francisco for a few days for the Pachyderm meeting. It’s weird having green stuff around in January. That just ain’t right.

About to head into the first session of a 3-day planning marathon. Should be fun. We’ll be spending a bunch of time working on requirements for the current software and for the new build, as well as some Bigger Picture Stuff.

Mike and I just went for a walk, hitting CompUSA to score a copy of iLife ’04 – except they’re completely sold out. No copies for another week. Got to play with Garage Band on a shiny new G5 with a 23″ display. Cool stuff. Scary that a hack with negative musical talent can create finished-sounding music. Brace for the clip-music revolution. Flashbacks of the “Desktop Publishing” era. Oy.

I’ll post anything of relevance or interest. In the meantime, here’s what I mean about the messed up seasons… This is the middle of winter in San Francisco:

Coit Tower

Upgrading MacOSX

I had to ignore my unwritten rule about never ever installing MacOSX as an “Upgrade Install”. I have always used either “Erase and Install” or “Archive and Install” to avoid issues wrt versions, overwriting etc…

When I upgraded the OS on, I didn’t have a spare drive to use (well, I have the drive, and it’s sitting in the server – it just isn’t hooked up) so I did an upgrade. Big. Mistake.

Most of the stuff works fine, but I just tried upgrading the installed MovableType to use MySQL rather than BerkeleyDB (which has a corrupt record in it, and I’m very nervous about databases that don’t let you run checks and fixes – I could fix the problem easily in MySQL).

Except that the required Perl modules aren’t there (they should be). And, they won’t install, since some of the old Perl 5.6 stuff is still in place, and seems to be confusing things. I’m going to try installing the dev. tools (as recommended on some of the lists), but there isn’t a whole heckovalotta space left on that drive (less than 6GB, which makes me a bit nervous, too…)

Anyway, here’s the MacOSX Mantra du jour: Never Upgrade. Always clean install (archive and install, or erase and install).