Evan’s First Drawing!

Yesterday, something extremely cool happened. Evan was sitting at the desk in my home office. He grabbed a marker, and started doodling on the pad of paper that was sorta nearby. Coolest. Thing. Ever. His first drawing. Now, he’s going nuts on his blackboard at home, and drawing all over his easel. If only we […]

ht://Dig Website Search Engine

We’re in the midst of reworking the Learning Commons website, and one of the changes is dropping to static files for most of the site (rather than the dynamically generated site we use now). One major thing we change by doing this is the software to search the site. I’ve just installed ht://Dig on commons, […]

Creation vs. Consumption

An image is worth a thousand words. This is the single reason why Garage Band is so cool: Garage Band isn’t great because of new technology, or ease of use, or interface design (perhaps in spite of wood grain…). It’s great because it gives me a chance/reason to break of the rut of being just […]