eXistDB Prototype Database Server

I’ve got a prototype eXistDB server, built as a WebObjects application, running on an iMac on my desk. Works pretty well, and it does some great XQuery stuff. I’ve entered the CAREO metadata, current as of a week ago, so it’s got 3733 IMS LOM records to play with.

Check it out.

It has a simple search (just enter a term and hit the button), as well as a generic XQuery entry panel. Feel free to experiment on any XQuery statements you want (do a simple search and look at the source HTML for the result page for a starting point…) Go ahead and try some funky boolean searches like “earth image satellite”. Still some refinements left to go (like limits on search results – it’s currently possible to return the entire database as a result of a query – not recommended). I also have to play around with handling multiple schema – IMS LOM, DublinCore, MPEG7, IMS CP, METS, … for both querying and retrieval.

Basically, eXist is pretty darned good, and Wolfgang (the developer) is quite responsive. Not sure how it compares to XStreamDB performance-wise, but it does beat it on the cost…