Expose Blob

It just struck me that the fancy Expose Blob on MacOSX 10.3 is really quite useless. It’s not that convenient to mouse over to it and click the button. Much easier to just hit F9 or whatever you’ve set your Expose Key to… It would be MUCH more useful if you’ve got a touch screen. […]

eXistDB Prototype Database Server

I’ve got a prototype eXistDB server, built as a WebObjects application, running on an iMac on my desk. Works pretty well, and it does some great XQuery stuff. I’ve entered the CAREO metadata, current as of a week ago, so it’s got 3733 IMS LOM records to play with. Check it out. It has a […]

Merry Christmas!

I’ve been trying to be offline for the last few days (and will keep trying until Jan. 5, when I’m Back In The Office). I’ll likely be lurking online, though. Took Evan to see Santa last night. He has been fine with Santa before – sat on his knee several times, for lotsa photos – […]

Federated Identity Management

Looking into techniques to allow us to decentralize user management in cross-institutional (and non-institutional) software, such as APOLLO. Here are some links I’ve come across on the topic: Towards Federated Identity Management – Andre Durand Federated identity, PingID and standards cartels – Dan Farber Federated Identity Face-Off – Interview by Stuart J. Johnston and Dan […]

eXistDB and WebObjects

I’ve spent the morning building a prototype WebObjects app to act as an xml metadata server. I’ve embedded eXistDB into the application, and it created the necessary database files and indices for me. Then, I wrote a short method to import xml documents from a path (and added the added bonus of importing a whole […]