MT Weblog Aggregator

We've been slowly adding to the number of weblogs here at the Learning Commons. Heck, at least one of them is active, too!

I wanted a way to have a single page with all of the latest posts sorted by date, from all weblogs.

RSS wouldn't quite do it. It would sort first by weblog, then by date. Not what I needed.

Blagg + Blosxom sorta does what I wanted, but relies on creating cached text files from the various weblogs. Redundant, and icky.

Then, I tried the WholeSystem MovableType plugin. Works like a charm. I just created a new "meta" weblog, replaced all of the normal "blog post-ish" stuff from the template, and dropped in the WholeSystemEntries goodness.

Now, the index for the weblog goes out and grabs all posts from all weblogs on our system, and displays the newest 30, sorted by date, from whatever weblog they were from. Sweet.

Combined with the handy MT-Rebuild script, which can be set as a cron task, the Uber Weblog should be pretty self-sufficient. I may even add an Uber RSS feed - subscribe to it and you get the most recent LC weblog posts delivered to your aggregator in one easy feed... Might be a clean way to integrate this with the upcoming LC website update...

See for yourself...

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