IMS LOM, Thumbnails, and Relations

I participated in the last CanCore conference call (and promptly forgot to post about it. doh.). One of the items that made its way onto the agenda was to discuss my proposal of adding multiple elements in a lom to support thumbnail images and various formats of a single learning object.

Anyway, I've captured the conclusion of the group, and appended them to my proposal document.

Long story short: survey says "use the relation element, since it's part of the LOM already. it ain't as elegant or as useful as multiple technical elements, but at least it doesn't break anything."

It doesn't do what I need, either, but that's another story. Just adds fuel to the fire for me to build the generic URI thumbnail generator. Just feed a URI and it will attempt to generate (and cache for later uses) a thumbnail. This would operate completely separate from metadata - on the application/interface level - and would work with any and all metadata schemas, since it's a presentation thing rather than a metadata thing...

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Last updated: September 24, 2023