I stumbled across the "L Company" mentioned on a couple of RSS feeds I subscribe to. Their products sounded interesting (a 17" notebook, and a 45" flat panel display), so I checked out their website.

Welcome to Bizarro Apple. The site is an attempted 100% knock-off of another well known website.

Except, these guys just Don't Get It.

From a snazzy flash intro (Welcome to the Web, Circa 1997!), to the WinXP garish colours, to the flashing/blinking bits all over the site clamouring for attention... Oh, and the 20-scrolled-pages product info pages... These guys completely blew the rip-off.

Oh, and their big claim to innovation (aside from flat panels, laptops, and menus that don't work on properly in Safari)? You can customize the "L" logo for you system, carved from rock. I'm not kidding. Whoopiefreakingdoo.