CanCore Metadata Guidelines Updated

Norm Friesen just sent an email to the ICAAP Standards list, pointing out the newly revamped CanCore Metadata Guidelines, including a searchable utility (which looks quite useful, but barfed all over some of my queries...)

I just took a quick look at their interpretation of the Technical element, and it still seems to have some issues...

For instance, it still doesn't address multiplicity. Is it best to have 3 technical elements, one for each format of a resource (a GIF, a JPG, a TIF, each with their own sizes and locations - this is my personal preference), or mashing them all into one technical element (with multiple formats, locations, etc... which one points to which?).

There is even a technical element in their samples that has several formats in one technical, with no location at all... If it's available in .zip, .gif, and .html, and it has a size, shouldn't it also exist at some location?

On my to-do list is writing up a draft of a recommendation on how to handle the technical element, from the perspective of a "repository" implementer. I might make time to do that this week, now that the installer is back on track.

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Last updated: September 24, 2023