Multiple versions of a learning object

Mike and I just had a quick conversation with Dawn Mercer, and she was telling us of some of her needs for entering metadata for learning objects in CAREO.

They have a bunch of flash movies, and need to have several versions available online. A "Presentation" version, with a URL pointing to an .html file, a "download" version, with a URL pointing to a .swf file, and a "source" version, with a URL pointing to a .fla file.

We've been thinking about a solution to a similar problem. Where to store references to thumbnail images in an IMS LOM?

We are hoping to have multiple technical elements, with appropriate modifications in each. Each technical element will have a location pointing to the URL appropriate for each version of the object. The format will have the MIME type of the appropriate resource. How to describe the purpose of each technical? How to say "This version is a thumbnail" or "This version is a source code version" or "This is a broadband quicktime version" in a standard way?

ps. for Stephen: Merlot

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Last updated: September 24, 2023