Marble Blast: Marble Madness lives!!!

I grew up with Commodore computers, starting with the Vic20, graduating through C-64, C-128, and finally, a smoking Amiga 1000. One of the best things I remember from the Amiga was a game called Marble Madness. A truly great game, but it's been basically lost since those days.

I got a nice little announcement from Apple today. As a bonus for .Mac subscribers, they are throwing in a license for the game Marble Blast. It had "Marble" in the title, so I had to check it out.

Marble Blast is what Marble Madness would have become with several years of evolution. It's like Marble Madness Meets First Person Shooter. The marble game from the perspective of the marble. Very well done, from graphics to animation to sound. I'm hooked. I wonder what's different in Marble Blast Gold...

Marble MadnessMarble Blast

UPDATE: I played a couple rounds this afternoon, and 2 separate people walking past my pod said "Cool! Marble Madness!" So, it's not just me...

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Last updated: May 24, 2023