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bookmarks.mac.com handy floating widgetI've been keeping a copy of my default browser's "bookmarks.html" (or favorites.html, or whatever the current default browser calls it) on a publically accessible space so I can get to my bookmarks from anywhere.

It works, but is clunky and slow (loading a 200KB file to get a single link isn't the most efficient way to do the task).

Enter .Mac... Apple just released a new tool that works with iSync, so I can sync up my Safari bookmarks from any Mac I use to my .Mac account.

I can now also browse and use these bookmarks from any browser, just by heading to bookmarks.mac.com and logging in. A handy floating window widget appears, and I can use my entire bookmark collection from anywhere. Sweet.

The process is also automatic... iSync will sync everything up once an hour for me, whether I think about it or not. Everything is just there waiting for me when I need it. Now THAT's cool.

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Last updated: March 01, 2024