We arrived at SFO just fine yesterday. Took the BART from the airport to Powell, and it turns out it was the first day for the airport leg of BART to be open. Celebrations and camera crews everywhere. Weird.

Walked around downtown SF last night. Man. Those hills are one heck of a workout. Climbed to the top of Telegraph Hill, then went to the top of Coitt Tower. Great view, but oy my legs.

Sitting in Moscone West now, getting ready for the Early Bird session on Cocoa programming. Should be interesting.

Oddly enough, the network connection from here is quite slow/intermittent. I get 100% signal strength on Airport, but it seems like we're all sharing a 56K modem (or, perhaps, a Bluetooth connection to a cell phone?). Hoping the connectivity gets a bit faster. If not, no big deal though.

UPDATE: Just sat down in the session room (to a sweet dual 1.2GHz PowerMac with a freakin' amazing 23 inch flat panel display...) and the net connection from there is very fast. Looks to be an issue localized to the Airport network.

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Last updated: December 04, 2023