CAREO Traffic Higher than Normal

I just checked WOMonitor for the deployed version of CAREO, and it says we've got 75 simultaneous users hitting it now. Yesterday, we had over 200. 30,000 hits in a week.

Something's up... I wonder who's using it lately? It looks like everyone is hitting it as "Guest", so there isn't any login data to tell anything. Time to crunch the Apache access log...

UPDATE: I combined all logs from into a single 88MB log file to crunch. This might take a while...

UPDATE 2: Some interesting gems in the access log. Looks like the CAREO install package has been downloaded almost 40 times. Wow. It also looks like people spend much more time on CAREO than I was guessing (many folks spend over an hour!) Processed access log is available here.


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Last updated: June 04, 2023