Mozilla as a Debugging Tool

I was just tweaking the "Add Object" page for the MedCIS installation of CAREO, when I noticed that the funky cross-browser-window communication used to update the location of the uploaded file in the IMS Metadata record was failing.

Safari didn't help, it just borked silently. I fired up Mozilla Firebird, and it did the same thing. Tried Mozilla (the Full Meal Deal) and opened up the Javascript Console (Tools: Web Development: Javascript Console) and cest voila! There's the problem! Had it fixed in about 30 seconds after that.

I guess I should be using Mozilla a little more, but Safari is such a nice browser... I used to be a die-hard Mozilla fan, but then OmniWeb came along... Then came Safari. Man, I must be rather fickle when it comes to browsers.

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Last updated: September 24, 2023