Annoying conference calls

This is the second conference call in a row for an unnamed national project that I almost walked out of. Can’t get a word in edge-wise, and when asked a direct question, am cut off before I can respond. Complete and utter waste of time. Why are people such asses in these things? If the […]

Question: What Do YOU Need from a Repository Server?

We’ve been working with some interested groups, in order to get CAREO “out there,” and I’m just trying to get a better handle on what our potential end-user institutions need from a repository server. UPDATE: Please provide feedback on this, even (especially?) if you agree with the assumptions. Clarity is a Good Thing. Here’s the […]

MedCIS CAREO Integration Back on Track

After a little while spent spinning wheels, we’ve gotten the MedCIS integration of CAREO back on track. It turns out that it may have been a minor config oops, where CAREO was directed to use a URL that may have had intermittent (or otherwise badly behaving) DNS, so the XML-RPC requests were barfing all over […]

WWDC 2003

I just found out that I’ll be heading to WWDC2003 this year (June 23 – 27). This is the most amazing conference I’ve seen, with an extremely diverse mix of folks (from MS R&D to indy developers). The sessions are all top-knotch, and it’s more than a little like drinking from a firehose. Can’t wait […]