CAREO Extreme

King Huang, another Learning Commons employee, who has been gracious enough to volunteer to contribute to the CAREO project in his spare time (i.e., when he's not actively doing OTHER projects around here - he's our resident Jack of All Trades). He has been working like a crazed madman, pumping out his interpretation of CAREO. He's basically doing a rebuild, refactoring stuff to be more modular (with plugins etc...) so that it is more reusable as an application development framework. Very cool stuff.

He's just announced a running prototype of what he calls "CAREO Extreme", and it's some pretty cool stuff.

Some amazing work going on there. Makes me realize how much duct tape and bubblegum is in the current "live" CAREO. Really looking forward to migrating things over to the new frameworks! The database-level stuff won't be altered, just the codebase that runs the repository, so existing installations of CAREO will be able to be upgraded to the new code without much trouble.

Oh, and there is a LOT of other cool stuff that he's planning on implementing. Stuff that will get actually USED. By instructors AND students. Cool!

ps. welcome, King, to the weblog world!


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Last updated: September 24, 2023