I took some time to clean up the Object Summary Page in CAREO. I was only addressing functionality. It should be a little more useful now, since I dropped the redundant "Summary" and "Details" section, and merged them into a single, real "Summary".

I also added a "Discussions" tab, so you can easily see what's being said about an object. It directly displays CAREO discussion posts, and has a link to display Trackbacks (posts from other websites such as weblogs).

I'll have to take some time in the future to make the default theme look purty, since Alan's showing how good this stuff can look... Doh. Oh, well... I'm a programmer. Form follows function.

UPDATE: It looks like I've also got quite a bit of work to do on the XSL translation of IMS metadata into the object summary table. It looks a bit like ass right now. It shouldn't do that. It should probably be more graceful in handling empty (but present) elements, and just look nicer in the process. I'm also planning on better handling multiple namespaces for the IMS elements (there are currently 4 different namespaces in use in CAREO, IIRC). I'm planning on using the XPath local_name() function to ignore namespaces so I don't have to duplicate the whole thing for each namespace.