One More XML Database: Bluestream XStreamDB

Mike just got back from Vancouver, and was talking about an XML database he saw there: Bluestream XStreamDB

They claim to support XQuery via JDBC somehow. It’s a java-based solution (i.e., portable - that’s a Good Thing). I’m downloading it now to see what it does. Looks VERY promising.

Details available here.

UPDATE: Wow! It worked right off the bat! First XML DB to do THAT for me… And it comes with a whiz-bang management app, too! So far, much more impressed with XStreamDB than anything else I’ve tried… Oh, and it’s not just portable, it’s EMBEDDABLE. We could conceivably embed the jars for XStreamDB INSIDE CAREO for the repository in a box. It doesn’t come easier than that!

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Last updated: December 04, 2023