How to display an RSS feed on a web page?

OK... I'm feeling like a bit of an inept bonehead for not being able to figure this one out, and I'm hoping someone out there in blogland has done something similar...

I was hoping to create a simple HTML web page that included several RSS feeds, including several from CAREO. I was sure someone would have done something similar, but haven't found anything that works. Reliably.

Is there anything I can use to embed live RSS feeds in an otherwise-static web page? I don't want to be pre-processing anything, or cacheing XML or anything. I want a live display of a live RSS feed in a static HTML page. I don't care if it's a PHP or PERL or whatever-based CGI that does the heavy lifting, as long as it's relatively portable (i.e., don't have to recompile PERL on MacOSX like seems to want to do). Oh, and it has to be able to run on my server. I don't want to have a cross-the-pond round trip like what is required to use the feed processor at

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