Trying WebObjects on Solaris

Today, we're going to install WO on a Solaris8 box, in preparation for deploying CAREO for the MedCIS project.

The fun part of this will be integration with SunONE Single Sign On to override authentication within CAREO. We'll also be imposing several "classes" of users (Instructor, Student, Guest), and allow users to share documents with their own "class" as well as optionally with those in "lower" classes.

I'll report back on how the install goes. Could be interesting, but we should be able to do the whole thing remotely.

UPDATE: That was easy. Of course. Now, to get WO talking to SunONE SSO... They're still trying to get SSO working properly (Sun software, on a Sun OS, on Sun hardware, and it needs tweaking... Apple software installed just fine. Go figure.)

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Last updated: September 16, 2023