NetNewsWire has killed Surfing for me!

I've become addicted to NetNewsWire. The first step is admitting it's a problem. I only realized that it had become an addiction, when I hit command+L in Safari to start going to a site, when it hit me.

I have already seen all of the updates on every single website that I care about. In NetNewsWire. In a couple of minutes.

There is no reason to surf aimlessly through the several dozen of websites that I used to view daily (or at least weekly). I have 81 RSS feeds in NetNewsWire, and they cover the entire range of sites that I regularly check.

I don't have any reason to surf any more. I should be happy for that, but for some unexplained reason, it feels kind of sad - like there's a hole left behind, where there used to be surfing the web. Weird.

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