LO-blog community meeting

From David Wiley’s Autounfocus weblog:

Let’s pretend that a major foundation that is interested in the intersection of learning objects and online community had approached me about sponsoring a meeting of people with said interest, and I had funding to bring 12 or so people together for a multi-day summit this summer to discuss the state of the art and where we go from here. Which is all true.

Who should I invite? You can only nominate five people, and none of them can be you.

What a cool way to set up a meeting. Hopefully, they’ll publish the proceedings (or better yet, blog them live…)

Browse Learning Objects Interfaces

I’ve been implementing the browse objects interface for the SciQ project, and it struck me just how different it looks from the current browse utility in CAREO. They do basically the same thing – allow the user to use predefined vocabularies for searches based on standardized metadata elements – but the presentation difference is quite striking.

Compare the two, CAREO on the left, SciQ on the right:

CAREO Browse Interface   SciQ Zones Interface

Trying WebObjects on Solaris

Today, we’re going to install WO on a Solaris8 box, in preparation for deploying CAREO for the MedCIS project.

The fun part of this will be integration with SunONE Single Sign On to override authentication within CAREO. We’ll also be imposing several “classes” of users (Instructor, Student, Guest), and allow users to share documents with their own “class” as well as optionally with those in “lower” classes.

I’ll report back on how the install goes. Could be interesting, but we should be able to do the whole thing remotely.

UPDATE: That was easy. Of course. Now, to get WO talking to SunONE SSO… They’re still trying to get SSO working properly (Sun software, on a Sun OS, on Sun hardware, and it needs tweaking… Apple software installed just fine. Go figure.)

Learning Object Repository Interest Level Rising

Over the last week, I’ve been completely blown away by the level of interest people are showing in LORs, and CAREO specifically. Wow. Really.

It’s been odd, because for the past couple of years, it’s seemed like nobody knew or cared about learning objects, never mind learning object repositories, and now people all over the place are looking at CAREO to help them play around with LOs and LORs.

That’s just plain cool, for a few reasons:

1. We weren’t wasting our time in building CAREO and ALOHA (even if it felt that way sometimes).
2. We appear to be on the right track, or at least quite close to it.
3. We’re about to hit a critical mass of deployed repositories, which will make inter-repository communication (part of the EduSource project) have something to chew on.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what other groups come up with when they start kicking the tires. CAREO is just our current best guess, and it meets OUR immediate needs, but I know we’re going to have folks come up with completely new and innovative uses/purposes for the repository. This can only benefit CAREO, and now that we’re trying to set up a “Club CAREO”, everybody who’s playing with it will benefit.