WOHyperlinks in the theme xml fragments

I've got to figure out how to handle WOHyperlinks (and WOSubmit etc...) in the theme xml fragments, so that when the user clicks on the hyperlink that is generated from it, their theme is maintained. What might happen currently, is that the ?theme= parameter from the URL is blown away (or, worse yet, the ?wosid= parameter too), so that I can't identify which theme they're using.

Here's a handful of potential solutions:

  1. Modify all hyperlink-related webobjects to embed the appropriate parameters into the url (wosid and theme) - either through the XSLT generation of the .wod bindings, or on a more procedural level.
  2. Use cookies so that I don't have to track any parameters in the url.
  3. Store active theme reference only in Session, and trust that ?wosid= will survivie hyperlinks.
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