iCommune speculation is misdirected

This is just my take on it, but I've just about had my fill of the "Apple is Evil" rants regarding their actions toward the developer of iCommune.

It seems like a clear-cut case: iCommune violates the device-plug-in-API license agreement. It has NOTHING to do with what iCommune does. Apple isn't saying "you can't do that", they're saying "you can't do that with _that_ API".

They have a history of doing this kind of thing especially around APIs that are either half-baked (i.e., incomplete, not half-assed), or on the way out (planned deprecation), or about to be superceded by something better.

While I think iCommune sounded cool (although I never checked it out), I'm willing to give the Mothership the benefit of the doubt. I certainly don't have the whole story, and these online APPLE IS EVIL rants don't add to it.

I'm more than happy to wait for the rendezvous-enabled update of iTunes3, and let this rabble die down until then.

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