Way to go, Apple!

iLife, with new iApps, new TiBooks, new Airport. Woohoo.

I REALLY have to replace this TiBook400... A 17 inch, gigahertz, 60-gig, GeForce4-sporting, superdrive-packing beast. wow. And only $5200 CDN.

iPhoto2 looks freaking amazing... Looking forward to trying out the one-click image enhancement (although PixelNhance is a nice app, too).

I don't do enough presentations to really dig Keynote, but it would be nice to ditch more MS stuff if I ever need to do some presentations...

Personally don't care too much about iDVD or iMovie - I don't have a digital video camera, or convenient access to a DVD burner (although THAT might change with a SuperTiBook...)

I was afraid that the garbage the rumour sites were spreading about commercialization of the iApps. They were suggesting that the iApps might not be available as free downloads, and would only be offered for a fee. Thankfully, that turned out to be a load of crap, since the only iApp that has a fee is the freakin' HUGE iDVD. I think offering a physical bundle of iApps in the iLife box is an excellent idea. Not everyone has broadband, and having the apps on physical media is just plain handy. Ideally, they should pack a whole bunch of extra goodies onto the box (Safari, X11, Developer Tools, perhaps 3rd party samples - Omni apps, game demos, etc..).


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Last updated: September 16, 2023