My first iMovie

Wow. That was easy. (of course). Not having a digital video cam, I brought in a bunch of photos from iPhoto, and a track from iMovie, and used the famous Ken Burns Effect to make a slide show. Went pretty easily. MUCH faster than the old way I used to do this. Several years ago […]

Webobjects Theming: XML to HTML + WOD

Woohoo! I just got an XSLT prototype working that will let me re-implement theming in our repository application! My goal was to produce a solution that would allow (some of) our users to completely customize the interface of our WebObjects application, in a way that simply mucking about with the .html part of a WOComponent […]


I’ve been using JEdit for a while now, and am constantly amazed at how complete it is. It’s even got a plug-in to manage XSLT transformations… Not as elegant as I’d usually like, but the integration into a kick-ass editor more than makes up for it. WIth the addition of the Project Manager plugin, it’s […]

Optimus Prime – XSLT Transformation App

I’m working on a simple java application to manage transformations using XSLT via Xalan-J. Not sure if I’ll use Cocoa-Java or SWING. Don’t care a lot about cross-platformability, since it really only has to work on my machine… I don’t have a lot of experience with SWING (did a simple app a couple of years […]