IMS Specifications

Back in '98, when we started implementing AICC interoperability into our LMS at DiscoverWare, the specifications were rather incomplete, and the documentation was rough.

They've been working on them pretty intensely, and they've expanded to cover a lot of new ground.

It's gone much farther than just metadata and content packaging. I've been reading through the Learning Design specification, and it's kinda like a glue that holds all of the other specifications together. It seems like it's quite an intelligent approach, pulling in various specifications wherever appropriate.

Here's some of the useful specifications coming out of IMS:

  • IMSLD - Learning Design: A kind of glue that provides a framework for integrating various other specifications into a meaningful system

  • IMSMD - Metadata: For providing descriptive metadata, as used to define learning objects and assets.

  • IMSLIP - Learner Information Package: Used to describe all aspects of a learner/user/administrator - personal information, history, progress, contact info...

  • IMSCP - Content Packaging: Used to aggregate learning objects into sets, for use in courses or presentations.

  • IMSQTI - Question Test Interoperability: Describe components of a test, as well as their tracking and assessment data.

  • IMSDR - Digital Repository: Best practices etc... for communication between distinct and separate repositories.

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