Shopping for a new ride...

Spent much of the last few weeks researching new vehicles. At first, we were trying to be all responsible and realistic and had pretty much settled on a minivan... Big, cheap(er) and holds lots of crap.

Then, we went to the showrooms. So much for the minivan. We jumped up to the Light SUV category.

Started with the Trailblazer, since it was big enough, and looked cool. Sales slime was really disgusting, and the Trailblazer was a little more expensive than we thought. Turns out that it wouldn't keep its value very long, either. So much for that one.

Then, we were eyeing the Explorer. They look good on paper, but up close they look like they were designed by amateurs. No attention to detail. So much for that one.

We came across a Toyota Highlander in a parking lot. Hadn't considered Toyota, but thought we should check it out. Went to the dealership, and the agent was amazing. No pressure, spent lots of time with us, answered all kinds of questions. Took it for a test drive. I like it...

Then, went to check out the Honda Pilot. VERY nice, but much more expensive.

Back to the Highlander. We're picking out colours and options. Meeting with Carol at Charlesglen on Saturday morning. Done like dinner.

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Last updated: September 24, 2023